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Pani w pociągu opowiada że chce kupić sobie szopa pracza

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Wróciły mi wczoraj w nocy rowery z serwisu i porzucam auto mam nadzieje do listopada :)

Jeździcie na rowerach?

(Pamiętajcie o boost dla zasięgu)

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Two pictures that both show about 30 people getting a coffee.

We have to break #carculture

#BikeTooter #ebikes #ebike #waroncars

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Upomnienie UODO dla T‑Mobile 🟥📱🍪

Dobre wiadomości! 🙂 Prezes UODO wyciąga wnioski z dotychczasowych postępowań dotyczących cookies. W wyniku naszej skargi duży operator telekomunikacyjny dostaje upomnienie i zmienia sposób odbierania zgód na swojej stronie internetowej.


#prywatność #uodo #rodo #ciasteczka #cookies #privacy #technologia #tech #tmobile #podcast

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Square Enix just removed Denuvo from these two games.

Game executable sizes:

382 MB -> 29 MB
448 MB -> 30 MB

Explain to me how this doesn't have a performance impact when the game goes from "being able to fit in CPU cache" to "1/3rd of a gigabyte"

Ustawic smart home tak, aby trzymał temperaturę 21 i wilgotnosc na 37

> Amish communities, more often known for their black buggies pulled by horses, have been increasingly turning to electric bikes as an alternative form of transportation.

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Give a person a program, frustrate them for a day.

Teach a person to program, frustrate them for a lifetime.

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Regular reminder: "bioplastics" are NOT better for the environment, and "biodegradable" plastics don't biodegrade unless they're in an industrial composter. The focus needs to be on reducing unnecessary plastic use, and closing the loop on everything else. Making plastic out of corn/bamboo instead really doesn't help. #Ocean #Pollution #Bioplastics See here for more:

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nvidia: we are very concerned that if you don’t add 2fa to this account we forced you to make, criminals might download these free drivers without giving us accurate marketing demographic details

your bank: sorry, what? you want two tractors?

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“I’m going to be late”
– mundane
– overused
– sounds like it’s your fault

“The cold and unfeeling machinations of fate have once more thrown my plans into disarray”
– mysterious
– implies some kind of impending doom
– sounds like the start of a villainous monologue

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With #Meta reportedly working on their #P92 AP-compatible social networking project, which reportedly will allow #Instagram users to log-in with their Instagram credentials, we will have to have a conversation about how to measure #Fediverse, won't we. 👀

If/when P92 becomes a thing, it wil be *meaningless* to just add all these millions of insta users to the fedi usercount. It will not have been their conscious decision. They will not have "joined" fedi, they will have been thrust into it. 🤔

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@rysiek : just like when Google Talk users joined XMPP.

Which then mostly killed XMPP when Google talk separated.

This is an obvious tactic.

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This is your periodic reminder that 10 years ago an audiophile forum started debating which versions of memcpy had the highest sound quality.

And that C++ new sounds better than malloc.

Dzięki dobrodziejstwom smarthome'owym planuję spełnić swoje marzenie: router, który restartuje się, gdy zerwie mu się połączenie z internetem

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I bet Microsoft could make a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t suck.

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Moje drogie i moi drodzy, szukam jakiegoś poradnika, podręcznika, kursu o tym, jak doszkalać GPT. Konkretnie chodzi mi o GPT 2. Wszyscy opisują to tak, jakby było to oczywiste. Jednak dla mnie wcale nie jest. Wolałbym po polsku, ale po angielsku też dam radę. #SI #AI #sztucznainteligencja

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