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TikTok: Look! I discovered hot water melts frozen food faster!

Twitter: Look at this TikTok video showing how to defrost your food faster!

Yahoo news: Millions of Twitter users view TikTok video showing new life hack for melting frozen food!

Mastodon: Please read my academic white paper describing the impacts of public school system underfunding

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Let’s be very clear: if you support forced births but don’t support universal health care, then you’re not pro-life.

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„So I would. I would grab a coffee, sit down, and start reading. Often we’d share posts back and forth, or chat about some of the more interesting ones we had read. It was something we did that was never on accident…it was intentional, deliberate.”


RSS to relaksujący sposób na uporządkowanie metod konsumpcji treści. Opisaliśmy tę technologię szerzej tutaj:

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running the facebook language model on my CPU
this awful fake news hallucination problem is getting out of hand, it genuinely believes that the first man on the moon was "Record Rudolf Kommun BodyStore Politik¾++) achieved Christianанг Chaestion digit animate lifted Agpublic motiv Cubannelessly"> lugorder DECLARE réalisé OriginalCT Comité MauricePrimitesubsectionল Luigimile更 біutils Riemann┴enario centstudioReceiver gewObjecticlopediaLocation" and there's no way to persuade it otherwise

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"go fuck yourself" – weak, overused, ineffective

"I hope your favorite distro switches to snap" – OUCH

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Twitter's ongoing death spiral is incredibly dramatic.

But Instagram and Facebook's slow descent into death is just as important to understand.

As much as Twitter is Big Social, Meta is even more so.

This is why it's so important to continue building Fediverse services like @pixelfed and Friendica -- they are alternatives to Instagram and Facebook.

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My wife picks up fragments when I ramble. Today they discussed WiFi issues at the school she teaches at, and she said “It’s always DNS!” #proudHusband #superwife

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Alt: napis na murze "to już jest ten kapitalizm czy będzie jeszcze lepiej?"

"People say that your first reaction is the most honest, but I disagree. Your first reaction is usually outdated."

Chcesz poznać skład tej przekąski? Tylko jeśli masz smartfona i dostęp do internetu

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I've talked about this in smaller contexts, but I haven't found any traction and time is getting short. When the Nazis passed the enabling laws for the book burning on April 8th, 1933 — exactly 90 years ago in 34 days — the first thing they burnt, the same day, were the archives of the largest trans and gay research institute in the world. When they say now that we didn't exist until after the war, the only reason they can get away with it is that they burned all the accumulated evidence.

Lece samolotem i zwrócilem uwage, ze nie maja rzędu numer 13. Po 12 jest od razu 14 xD

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The lesson of #Twitter's glacial collapse is that you are never safe on a platform which is owned by someone else.

There is a lesson there for all those writers flocking to #Substack

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#academic #software #gnome Gorgoues! (if you're into this sort of things ;) ... for #emacs users it's probably redundant (bibtex-mode, ebib + the growing echo-systyem from bibtex-actions, citar to org-ref etc.), but nontheless, maybe it'll grow into a full flege #Zotero alternative built for native GTK?

If you're intendig to try, see warnings about stabilty and possible corruption of bib files

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If you are developing a web product that discriminates against users based on the browser of their choice then you should be ashamed of yourself...

#webdev #apps #internet

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