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I like how El*n is killing Twitter and NOONE is talking about BlueSky <3

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I have my own (managed by #Mastodon instance since 4 years.

On a typical day it handles 20.000 tasks (pushing new toots, synchronising, cleaning up etc).

Yesterday it went to 500.000 tasks.

And that's just one simple single-user instance. It's almost magical how the federated, distributed network of all ActivitiyPub instances managed to survive that brutal Tsunami of yesterday.

In short: We are ready for a new and better future, free from centralised gatekeepers.

Kuba Orlik boosted Co艣 si臋 znajdzie 馃槅 - strona od Miklo (oznaczy艂em go ni偶ej) - strona przyst臋pnie podsumowuj膮ca najpopularniejsze platformy nale偶膮ce do Fediwersum (jasna sprawa w rzeczywisto艣ci jest ich mo偶e ze trzy, cztery razy wi臋cej ni偶 na stronie, ale tu s膮 takie powszechniejsze) podcast od i gdzie bardzo przyst臋pnie t艂umacz膮 co i jak - animacja od fundacji Framasoft, kt贸ra wyja艣nia g艂贸wny clue idei Fediwersum Czuj si臋 przyzwany 馃槈 Podrzu膰 tej zacnej osobie co艣, o czym nie wspomnia艂em.

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POV: Kupujesz drog膮 zabawk臋, wyrzucasz (albo zwalniasz) instrukcj臋 obs艂ugi, zamykasz si臋 w pokoju, 偶eby nie s艂ysze膰 os贸b, kt贸re wiedz膮 jak dzia艂a i ostrzegaj膮, 偶e mo偶esz podpali膰 firanki. A p贸藕niej bierzesz te zabawk臋. Siadasz i wciskasz guziki na zasadzie 鈥瀟en wydaje si臋 spoko鈥.

I to wszystko w prze艣wiadczeniu, 偶e ratujesz 艣wiat, kto wie, mo偶e nawet jeste艣 wizjonerem.
Firanka zaczyna dymi膰.

Podobie艅stwo do prawdziwych os贸b i wydarze艅 jest przypadkowe.

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Also, #Mastodon #newcomers, since most instances are run on a volunteer basis and advertising isn't really a thing here, the people running your instance are probably covering some costs. If you can, consider chipping in for servers and such! Not all instances will want this, but it's probably a good idea to check.

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Here's your irregular reminder that:

Twitter was a multi-billion dollar company with thousands of employees.

Mastodon is a niche hobbyist product run by volunteers

The fact that we're being seen as a viable alternative to them is an admission that a federated, decentralized future is not only possible, but desirable.

Mastodon is not one thing, or one place. It's a network of many things and many places. We don't have a spokesperson (I mean, there's me. I'm the official spokesperson for 馃挴 of the fediverse, but beyond me there is no spokesperson) we don't have consensus on moderation or blocking or tools or what is good and what is bad. Some of us are professional SREs and Sysadmins, some of us aren't. Some of our instances have been around for 5+ years, some won't be here in six months.

And that's good! All of it, every last bit of it is good.

We're wrestling power away from the billionaire class, in real time, and reclaiming it for the People.

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Czytam, 偶e 鈥濫welina G艂owacka we wrze艣niu zosta艂a ukarana mandatem w wysoko艣ci 200 z艂, poniewa偶 wzi臋艂a 偶ywno艣膰 ze 艣mietnik贸w pod sklepem Biedronka w Bia艂ymstoku. 31-latka z Bia艂egostoku walczy teraz o uchylenie kary鈥.

Dla kapitalizmu nawet lepiej jakby g艂odni poumierali, bo wtedy wzro艣nie PKB, zak艂ady pogrzebowe zarobi膮, producenci trumien i zniczy. Ludzie umieraj膮, a biznes kr臋ci si臋 dalej.

#freeganizm #gospodarka #kapitalizm #偶ywno艣膰 #ekologia #kryzys

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So many people - used to a corporatist lifestyle where they depend on one single corporate entity for a service - are coming to Mastodon where its a collective effort and it's a such a culture shock for them.

It's deeply fascinating. They just can't seem to grasp the concept of a collective effort.

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oh wow, are even more new people coming in?? pls be careful not to step on the smol netkitten underfoot who is wandering around and cheekrubbing people

speaking of which, *cheekrubs you*

Tired: Toyota wodorowa
Wired: Toyota Mo艂otowa

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Tired: Still on Twitter but crossposting to Mastodon

Wired: On Mastodon now but crossposting to Twitter

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So, let's settle this. :mastogrin:

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We have decided to create an account at Mastodon. We need time to learn how this platform works but also how to synchronize our work here with the Twitter account.

Thank you all for joining us here. No matter where we are, the mission stays the same. We are in social media to commemorate the victims of Auschwitz and educate the world about the tragic story of the camp.

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The people who work for you have three resources: time, energy, and give-a-fuck.

Time is the cheapest. It replenishes one hour every hour.

Energy is more expensive. When you're out, you need lots of time off to recharge.

Once give-a-fuck is burned, it's gone forever.

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Shoutout to all the Mastodon servers bouta get slammed. Don鈥檛 forget to tip your admins, Mastodon doesn鈥檛 have ads

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we take it for granted today, but a single npm package contains more prototype pollutions than a peasant in the 1400s would experience in his entire lifetime

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Fedi Meta 

Let's be real, there are already people trying to colonize the fuck out of this place. From corporate account services on hachyderm to CEOs suggesting forks of Mastodon with zero federation capabilities to plans for cheap providing services for companies to scraping profiles for data verification, there are people carving out plans for this space that fly against the original intentions.

I still stand by my beliefs that the fediverse is for everybody. But, I also wonder about how soon we'll perpetuate the Tragedy of the Commons once more, as the morons with zero self-awareness at the heads of tech companies decide to go all in on fucking with things they will never understand or care about.
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