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Odkrywanie newsletterów spoza swojej banieczki.
Po zapisaniu dostajesz jeden newsletter. Masz możliwość dostosowania swoich preferencji.


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Wish I was copetent and morally bankrupt enough to pull off crypto scams for a living

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Quick study from reference provided by @bjornhurri on his Discord. Slowly coming back to normal drawing routine after short break.

#studymonday #moa #MastoArt

"I've tried having an occasional cup of coffee and it always results in the same symptoms. Like clockwork. Any caffeine does. I guess my body is saying "stop." And I need to listen."

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I have for years refused to use Signal and WhatsApp because they are the same: privacy governed by central dictators.

Imagine how hard I laughed learning that Signal is naming a WhatsApp co-founder as acting CEO.

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To be clear:

1) DRM is bad

2) We won this battle for audio and it didn't bankrupt the studios

3) I'm not interested in a devil's advocate argument, ever, under any circumstances (even now.)

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💬 "I think there is a world market for maybe five computers."
🗣️ Thomas Watson, president of IBM, 1943

💬 "There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home."
🗣️ Ken Olsen, founder of Digital Equipment Corporation, 1977

💬 "I predict the Internet will soon go spectacularly supernova and in 1996 catastrophically collapse."
🗣️ Robert Metcalfe, founder of 3Com, 1995

💬 "People don’t want to run their own servers, and never will."
🗣️ Moxie Marlinspike, founder of Signal messenger, 2022

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okay i feel hella dumb. you can switch the order in which search suggestions vs. url history suggestions appear in the firefox url bar dropdown. this is gonna save me so much stupid time

Ech, chyba mnie wciągnie

Wordle 205 5/6


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so my mom (who is a teacher)'s laptop, running windows, had an automatic update that broke the camera drivers. she kinda needs the camera to teach

see, this OS is unusable for regular people, it'll probably need a few years before mass-adoption can be a thing

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It looks like, in response to a DMCA request, Microsoft has removed the Github repo for DeDRM, a plugin for helping people read ebooks they've bought on their chosen ereader.

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the modern web 

how fucking hard is it for websites to respect browser language info sent to them instead of geoip guessing which language you want. no i dont wanna use your site in german, thank you very much.

Znacie kogoś, kto nieironicznie inwestuje w NFT?

Mam bardzo „kaja godek wypowiadająca się na temat LGBT logic” vibes przy oglądaniu tego filmiku

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