I'm looking for an USB XLR interface that's Linux-friendly. Currently I'm using Behringer UMC202HD and it's constantly problematic.

Boosts welcome!

@kuba what's the problem with it? I'm using the 204 and I don't have any issues with it

@schratze (are you using pipewire?)

Sometimes the volume is extremely low and no adjustment can fix it. Sometimes Audacity can't detect the microhopne at all.

@kuba yes I am

hmm that sucks, sounds like there's something wrong with it

@schratze @arek has another model of Behringer and he has that weird issue where sometimes his voice is pitched so he sounds like a chipmonk... So I'm not feeling confident about this brand's Linux compatibility :P

@kuba I have UMC204HD, it's piece of s***, I regret that I've chosen this device @schratze

@arek @kuba it seems like I got the only good one they ever made

@schratze well it's the low-budget interface, so I'm not surprised that I encounter some fails, for guitar recordings it's ok, but for calls or doing podcast definitely not @kuba

@kuba @schratze
Uh... how the heck does an _audio interface_ which is supposed to sample at a fixed frequency do a frequency shift? That's a complicated thing to do in sample space. Do you have example chipmunk recordings (or their spectra)?


@robryk @schratze @arek The issue I'm facing now is that the interface is detected, but it doesn't have any input. It IS detected as an input device, but this is what shows in PAVU. Notice the lack of volume indicator in the Behringer panel

@arek @robryk @schratze I've inspected the logs and see that the problem lies within ALSA, not pipewire

@arek @robryk @schratze besides, pulseaudio is falling out of favor. I have to adjust to pipewire sooner or later

@arek that's interesting, I had exactly ZERO issues with pipewire and lots of them within similar period with pulseaudio - it's (imo) way better

@pgronkievitz so it shows us that each device, each audio card works different. I have no issues with PulseAudio 🤷‍♂️

@kuba I have been thinking about Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 or 4i4 or something from M-Audio, but I dunno what about Linux support

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