Perhaps there is no perfect way to convey how absurdly obscene it is that a single person can "have" over a hundred billion dollars.

But "You Are Jeff Bezos" is damn close:

Also, perhaps there is no perfect way to satirize #DonaldTrump.

My little parody of the aforementioned game is definitely not even close:

@rysiek Regarding "Support EDRI" CTA on your page: "EDRi is the biggest European network defending rights and freedoms online" but ... the only social media on their page are those destroying rights and freedoms online. What a credibility and encouragement to support!

@miklo I have made that point to them before. I wonder if @whvholst would have anything to say?

@rysiek @whvholst To be honest - majority of their members has literally nothing to say when asked. F.e EFF or panoptykon - the only two examples - i have asked them several times.

@miklo @whvholst yeah, as time goes by I am more and more convinced EFF is useless. Their particular brand (word chosen here very consciously) of digital human rights activism tends to have a surprisingly libertarian tinge, when one thinks about it (with the exception of Cory's work, which I always find solid).

@miklo @whvholst on the other hand, Panoptykon is a small, overworked, swamped organization and I can understand how they might not have the resources to spend on checking out random FLOSS social networks. There used to be 50+ of these:

That said, they are on fedi, via a bot: @panoptykon

And I think they tried being here in person:

I agree not being active here undermines their credibility somewhat. That's why I quit :birdsite: years ago.

@miklo @whvholst @panoptykon prowadziłem NGO, wiem jak to wygląda. To naprawdę nie jest takie proste.

Nadal uważam, że dobrze by było, żeby Panoptykony tu były, ale rozumiem konieczność ostrożnego wybierania, na co idą środki.


@rysiek @miklo @whvholst @panoptykon ale nie rozumiem jak moga sobie pozwolic na fejsa, ale na fedi już nie

@kuba @miklo @whvholst @panoptykon z ulotkami o legalizacji aborcji idziesz na skłot, czy stajesz na patelni przy Metro Centrum?

Jeśli masz ograniczone środki, które z tych miejsc wybierzesz, by najbardziej efektywnie dotrzeć do największej liczby ludzi?

Moim zdaniem to nie musi być albo-albo, ale na pewno dodanie fedi do kanałów to *jakaś* dodatkowa praca.

@rysiek @miklo @whvholst @panoptykon nooo z tego samego powodu ICD ma konto na FB. Ale fedi w porownaniu FB to drobna rzecz sie wydaje...

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