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i just never stop thinking about IBMs bizarre UI controls. i don't get how they reached this fever pitch and nobody said "hey this is incredibly difficult to look at, it's like a magic eye control panel"

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Nawet kierowcy popieraj膮 fizycznie odseparowane drogi dla rower贸w.

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We are so used to fear-based management we simply call it "management." All of these are fear-based:

1) performance reviews
2) Performance Improvement Plans
3) grade-school-type attendance policies
4) dress code policies
5) KPIs

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That the blobfish is ugly.

You wouldn't look so great either if you'd just undergone a rapid depressurisation of 120 atmospheres. twitter.com/JusttheZooofUs/sta

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This impressive documentary shows how devastating and heartbreaking the climate crisis is in China right now. Over 320,000 ppl affected. Hundreds dead. We need systematic change to fight the & !


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Medtronic's 20-year-old PB840 ventilators are workhorses, but the company has used DRM to prevent repairs by third parties. Controlling repair gives medtechs monopolist two benefits:


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"free ipod pro" is trending?
it's good to know the internet goes in circles

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it doesn't have to be this way if cities use this opportunity to go all-in on cycling 馃毑 twitter.com/Kantrowitz/status/

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ME WHEN EMPLOYED: I want to die.

ME WHEN UNEMPLOYED AND BROKE: I wish I had money, but I feel better inside.

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